3-Ph Padmount 12470 Delta - 480 Y 277

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3-Ph Padmount 12470 Delta - 480 Y 277

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Short for "Tamper-proof, compartmentalized, liquid-filled, pad mounted transformer", all padmount designs feature fully enclosed tamper-proof terminal compartments and can be supplied with dead-front or live-front configuration, for loop or radial feed applications. 

​Maddox transformers are designed, built, remanufactured and tested in accordance with industry standards including NEMA,  ANSI C.57,  DOE, and IEEE as applicable. 

With thousands of new, and reconditioned units in stock and ready-to-ship, Maddox stands ready to meet your transformer need(s). 

Drawings available upon request.  Read more about Maddox padmounts here.

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